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Diverse Workforce and New Work

EPSA Event

Start: 24.06.2022 09:00Uhr

Ende: 24.06.2022 13:15Uhr

Registrierungsschluss: 24.06.2022

Ort: Online

Diverse Workforce and New Work: Inclusiveness and Gender Mainstreaming

"Population world wide gets more and more diverse – so does the workforce inside public administration as we differ as regards competencies, engagement, values, origin, culture and ethics, age, gender, sexual identity, physical and mental abilities or religious beliefs.

As a result of strategic workforce planning and the changing world of work with on ongoing individualization in HRM and more people focus public administration needs policies and instruments for a sustainable Diversity Management to promote equity and equal opportunities. Managing a diverse workforce is also an important enabler to promote employee engagement and to promote employer attractiveness.

Diversity needs a value oriented organizational culture and strong leadership and collaboration. Inclusion is more than integration and this promotes strong identification with the employers. Gender Mainstreaming and the promotion of females into leading positions are very relevant topics. Gender Mainstreaming also obtains a cross-over function looking at the various areas of action as mentioned above.

In this module we will have a special focus on inclusiveness and promoting staff members with disabilities and the role of Gender Mainstreaming."


Beatrix Behrens, HRM Policies und Public Management OECD


Christiane Flüter-Hoffmann,  Senior Researcher for Human Resource Management Policies,

Stephan Böhm, Diversity Management, Leadership

Erika Landi, Director, European Parliament, Directorate-General for Personnel, Directorate for HR Support and Social Services

Géraldine Dufort, Head of the Diversity and Inclusion Office in the Commission’s HR Department.


Christoph Klika, EU policy implementation

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